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A better way to inbox for business.


Free Engager access
Unlimited subscribers
10,000 free SMTP / month

Our mission is to create super flexible marketing modules. All powered by a central lead CRM so you can achieve the best possible ROI


Create life-like chat through a series of automated responses to engage your lead.

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Make sure all your emails are delivered. We Keep IP's Alive Longer & Inboxing Better.

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Automate your upselling. Build and email your opted in list quicker than ever by syncing up all modules.


Lead CRM

Increase ROI by having all leads fluid through all your campaigns and know just what they saw last.



Keep sending repuation clean by scanning your emails to make sure they are still active.



Build your sms subscribers list to send them promotional or notifications texts.



Hold artificial conversations with public email accounts and your SMTP to build reputation.



Have your leads hit multiple offers. Build your custom offer flow with all your favorite offers


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Redefine your email marketing with our flagship email software. TEAR is the #1 Mass Emailing Software that allows you to setup multi-series autoresponders to replicate real conversations, increasing conversions exponentially!

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100/day Most FREE
Unlimited All $69
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Use our SMTP to handle all your Transactional & Promotional email sending. Integrate with your e-commerce store, website or sending platform. We make sure your important emails end up in your customers inbox.

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10,000 Shared FREE FREE
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Why Us?
Support. Flexibility. Pricing. Inboxing.
Many marketing modules in one cloud solution. Manage your customers with our powerful LeadsCRM, unlimited and free.
Like our name? A quick history!

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away the founders of TEARcloud were in desperate search of a email solution for their business. With the limited options available they put their skills to the test with a great team of developers and built the famous 'Total Email Autoresponder' software (now called TEAR engager). At the time this desktop application served many happy clients, but it only ran on computers running Windows. Sorry Mac users! It was obvious what had to be done. 'We need to move to the cloud!' said co-founder Heiko Winkler. And so began the long journey to transform the desktop software 'Total Email Autoresponder' (TEAR for short) into a cloud solution. Packed with more powerful features, a seamless lead management system and it's own SMTP solution TEARcloud was born.

Our Clients



"TEAR is love, TEAR is life <3"

Scotty Ramhorn

"If you need to send mass emails TEAR is by far the best thing I have ever used. The videos take you step by step how to get it set up, and it does everything a serious email marketer will ever need. Best product I have purchased this year by far! Customer service of the year A+"

Jason DeMott

"Tear has been a life changer for me. ... Super stoked. Time to scale. "

Lance Dudley

"Highly Recommended! Nothing out there will do what this thing does! A "Must Have" if you are a doing any online marketing!"

With offices in the United States and Europe you can expect round the clock support.
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