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Our Automated Reputation Management System Is Unique. We Keep IP's Alive Longer & Inboxing Better By Removing Bad Leads Such As Bounces Or Complaints.

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What is SMTP & Why do I need it?
SMTP stands for ‘Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

SMTP is used when an email, such as is delivered to your customers email. Most web services allow you to use your own SMTP for delivering your transactional or promotional emails. All websites rely on SMTP to get important information delivered to your clients inbox.

Typical Transactional emails include: ‘new account created’, ‘verify account’, ‘lost password’, ‘cart reminders’, ‘order processed’ and ‘invoice generated’.

While Promotional emails are usually anything marketing related. From weekly newsletters to emailing new leads.

So why use our SMTP to deliver these emails?

The worst thing that can happen when someone places an order on your website or creates a new account is that their welcome email with important information ends up in their spam. With TEARsmtp you know your emails will end up in your customer's inbox. Your email complaints and bounces are always automatically cleaned and IP’s reputation is always being monitored to ensure you stay inboxing so you can focus on growing your business.

Shared vs Dedicated SMTP

Everytime you send out an email other servers recognize you by your IP address. The better reputation your IP address has, the better you inbox. Shared plans send emails from an IP used by many users while Dedicated plans have their own IP. Having your own IP let's you build your reputation, resulting in higher inbox rates!

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Use our SMTP to handle all your Transactional & Promotional email sending. Integrate with your e-commerce store, website or sending platform. We make sure your important emails end up in your customers inbox.

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