Pricing Guide


Always Free

Full access to Lead CRM for list segmentation and sign-up forms. Start Newsletter automation via triggers. Advanced campaign stats and reporting.

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Starting at $10 / month

Take your emailing to the next level with unlimited sending Hour and Daily Limits. Also increase your support ticket urgency.

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Starting at $55 / month

Improve your inboxing by taking over IP management. For businesses looking to have full control full over sending reputation.

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All plans have Unlimited list size :)
What's the catch?


With TEARcloud you don't pay for list size. You pay for what actually matters, emails sent. This keeps our prices low.. about 120% cheaper than our competition. Below are our plans based off emails sent monthly.

All paid SMTP plans come with increased support urgency.

Shared & Dedicated Relay Plans

* Free plan is limited to 100 sends per hour and 1,000 per day
* Paid plans have unlimited hour and daily sending

Monthly email sends Price Cost per email
10,000* Free Free
10,000 $10 $0.001
25,000 $20 $0.0008
50,000 $35 $0.0007
75,000 $45 $0.0006
100,000 $55 $0.00055
250,000 $135 $0.00054
500,000 $265 $0.00053
750,000 $395 $0.00052
1,000,000 $495 $0.00049
1,000,000 + - Contact
+ Additional IP's (currently limited to 3)

Add Additonal IP for $15 / month

Having dediateds IP's allows you full control of IP reputation and the load of emails being sent per IP. This is awesome when you have big new lists.
+ SMTP Supercharged

Upgrade for $99.00 / month

Acquire a dedicated Account Manager who will monitor your IP reputation and work with you personally to fix any IP or inboxing issues.


Completely Free.

I know, crazy. As long as you are using our SMTP this module is 100% free of charge. If you wish to use your own SMTP, we are working on a solution for that already :)

Lead CRM

Completely Free.

Never have to worry about hitting a list size limit again. When using TEARcloud's Lead CRM all your leads have one purpose - To make you money :)


Mass Mailing Desktop Software - Use with other modules above or completely stand alone.

Version 4.0 kicks off a new pricing system. Now send UNLIMITED emails with "Level 1" Free plan. View table to learn more about this TEARcloud user-backed system.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Price Free $49.00 $69.00
Unlimited Sends
Unlimited Campaigns Limited to 1
Unlimited Accounts Limited to 3
Consistent Templates Limited to 3
Conditions Limited to 3
Triggered Templates Limited to 3
Extract Account Leads
Monitor Incoming Leads
Import/Export Leads
Email Tracking
Black Lists
Email Scraper