Lead CRM

Completely Free.

✓ Full access. No limits.
✓ Never have to worry about hitting a list size limit again.


Completely Free (with TEARcloud branding)

✓ Full access. No limits.
✓ You can use your own SMTP or TEARcloud's SMTP with our Newsletter.


Free Forever

Send unlimited newsletter emails based on various triggers and automate your email marketing. Emails sent from the basic plan have a TEARcloud branded footer and pre-header.

Upgrade for $15.00 / month

Gain more creative control over your emails and remove the TEARcloud branding from the footer and pre-header for a low monthly cost


With TEARcloud you don't pay for list size. You pay for what actually matters, emails sent. This keeps our prices low.. about 1064% cheaper than our competition. Below are our plans based off emails sent monthly.

✓ All relays are $0.15 per k
✓ There are no hourly or daily limits
✓ Customize plan size to any relay amount in 10k intervals

Example SMTP relay plan costs:
Monthly email sends Price
10,000 $1.50
50,000 $7.50
100,000 $15.00
500,000 $75.00
1,000,000 $150.00
+ Additional IP's (currently limited to 3)

Add Additonal IP for $15 / month

Having dediateds IP's allows you full control of IP reputation and the load of emails being sent per IP. This is awesome when you have big new lists.

Supercharged Support


Free Forever

All members have access to experienced Support Specialists through our Support Ticket System. We provide assistance with general information requests and basic troubleshooting, and offer self-help resources that pertain to the usage of our software

Non-priority Support requests are responded to with an initial target response time of 24 hours.

Upgrade for $150.00 / month

Support requests submitted by Supercharged members receive high priority status, ensuring your questions get answered first. We help resolve complex technical issues, and provide Support for the interaction between our software and third-party services.

Priority Support requests are responded to with an initial target response time of 8 hours.


Mass Mailing Desktop Software - Use with other modules above or completely stand alone.

*** Version 4.0 (v4) Beta kicks off a new pricing system. Now send UNLIMITED emails with limited plan. View table to learn more about this TEARcloud user-backed system. Warning: Beta means just that. It's new and not fully debugged. Enjoy unlimited sending but issues may occur. Furthermore, most of our focus is on the SMTP and NL. Which means we can NOT promise quick fixes for v4 bugs. We ALWAYS recommend using v3 for serious campaigns until v4 is out of Beta.


Free Forever

Automated emailing software designed to replicate life-like conversations with your customers. Use with a third-party SMTP provider, or apply to use TEAR SMTP.

Upgrade for $45.00 / month

Remove the limitations of the free version and enable all features by upgrading your Engager desktop application to Full Access at any time.
v3 v4 v3/v4
Plan Limited Limited Full
Unlimited Sends Limited to 100 per day
Unlimited Campaigns Limited to 1 Limited to 1
Unlimited Accounts Limited to 3
Consistent Templates Limited to 3
Conditions Limited to 3
Triggered Templates Limited to 3
Extract Account Leads
Monitor Incoming Leads
Import/Export Leads
Email Tracking
Black Lists