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Send out Email Newsletters based on various triggers to automate your email marketing.

Use our SMTP with the Newsletter module to create and send email marketing campaigns.
Brand new and super fast template wizard ^

How much will it cost?

Completely Free

We are not planning to charge for this module what so ever. I know, crazy. As long as you are using our SMTP this module is 100% free of charge. If you wish to use your own SMTP, we are working on a solution for that already :)

The Features You'll Love

Pick between pre-designed email layouts or design your own from scratch.

Make your perfect email template. Edit layout, customize unsubscribe action, change from name and address, add images, send test, check spam score, and much more.

What will make your emil send? Choose triggers such as date time, change in user field, time since signup, or many other events.

Now choose what leads will receive this template. Pick a whole list or segment it to just leads who meet the criteria.

That's it. Review the last 4 steps in one nice overview. If it all looks good click save and send.