Lead CRM

Securely store and manage unlimited leads that you will never lose access to. Build list and segment, to isolate the perfect leads for your marketing campaigns. The newsletter will work seamlessly with your Lead CRM lists.

The time of endless text files with random leads in them is over.
Add as many leads leads as you want with advanced segmentation.

This module is Completely Free. Never have to worry about hitting a list size limit again. When using TEARcloud's Lead CRM all your leads have one purpose - To make you money :)


Create a List

It’s easy to create a new list to organize your leads. You can manually add leads using our Lead Import Wizard or build Signup Forms to place on your website. When creating an Email you can choose to send it to a single list, all of your lists, or use the Advanced Filter feature to send only to a certain segment.

Import Leads

After you have created a List, you can import an existing file of leads into it.

Our new Import lead wizard will guide your through the process.

Create a Signup Forms

Alternatively, you can automatically add new leads to your lists via Signup Forms. To create a Form that will add leads to a specific List, go to that List and click on ‘Sign Up Forms’. Press ‘Create New Form’ and give your new Form a name. Use the Form Builder to add the fields you want to use on your Form and click ‘Update’ to generate the html code.

Use this html code to place the Form on your website. New prospects can now fill out the Form and be automatically added to your List. Add sign-up forms to your website so you can capture leads from all fronts. Our forms are simple and can use your sites CSS to quickly look good.

Fields & Tags

Fields & Tags to create more realistic and personal newsletters.

Example email start:
[DayTimeGreeting] [FirstName],
Goodmorning Joe,

Let's learn more about which is which

What is a Field?

A Field is just a placeholder where you can store data about your lead. Your account will have some basic Fields already created, like ‘Email Address’, ‘First Name’ and ‘Last Name’, For example, you can use the Tag ‘[FirstName]’ in a greeting like “Hello, [FirstName]” to give your emails a personal touch without actually having to write out every single person’s first name.

You can create Custom Fields as well add any amount of fields to your Signup Forms so that leads can fill them out themselves before submitting the Form. You may also want to use certain Custom Fields for keeping sales notes on your prospects, like ‘Stage in Sales Funnel’, ‘Last Contact Date’, or ‘Preferred Method of Contact’. You can fill these in yourself and your prospect will never actually see them.

What is a Tag?

A Tag is a short keyword, or term, assigned to predefined data or copy that you can use inside of your Emails instead of having to tediously write out the data or copy itself over and over again. You can create Custom Tags for just about anything, like [Email Signature], [PO Box Address], [Sales Handoff Body Copy], or any other copy that you know you will use often to save you the time it would have taken to write out. Your account will have some handy pre-made Tags as well, such as ‘[DateToday]’ and [‘DateTomorrow]’.


Send out Email Newsletters based on various triggers to automate your email marketing. Use our SMTP or any other 3rd party SMTP with the Newsletter module to create and send email marketing campaigns.

To remove the branding of free accounts you also have the option to upgrade. Learn more here


Your leads will be added to a List when imported, manually added, or opted in. However, they will unsubscribe from a Newsletter (leads do not unsubscribe from Lists). This is so you can use one List for multiple Newsletters. In general, you should use a different Newsletter for every separate business, or separate parts of a business.

For example, if you are a fashion blogger and you want to send your customers updates when you upload a new blog, as well as promotions and discounts for beauty products, you may find that some of your readers will only want to receive one type of email but not the other. To solve for this, you can use a Signup Form to add your leads to one ‘Fashion Blog’ List, but use two separate Newsletters to communicate with them: One for ‘Blog Updates’ and another one for ‘Promotional Sends’. This way, a lead can subscribe to your ‘Fashion Blog’ List, and if they click ‘Unsubscribe’ in a ‘Promotional Sends’ Newsletter, they will still be able to receive your ‘Blog Updates’ Newsletter.

Another example is if you are using the same TEARcloud account for two or more businesses. If you happen to have a lead that signed up to receive updates from more than one company, they will be able to unsubscribe from one company’s Newsletter and still receive their updates from the other(s) if they so wish.


Campaigns are used for organizing your Emails within the Newsletters. You can set up as many Campaigns as you would like under each Newsletter.

In the fashion blogger example used above, you could create a ‘Mother’s Day Promotions’ Campaign and organize all Emails that promote products that moms will appreciate in the month of May within that Campaign. Then you can create a ‘Summer Must-Haves’ Campaign for the following month. As you can see, Campaigns are used mostly for organization.

Emails & Email Wizard

When you are ready to send an email you will create it as an Email. First you will pick the Newsletter and Campaign which you want the Email to be stored under.

Emails is the whole construction of the actual email layout (what the user gets), with triggers, and leads attached to it.

5 basic steps to build an Email:

1. Pick Layout

In the Email Wizard you can start designing an Email from predefined layouts called "themes", pick one of your previously saved layouts, or design a new one from scratch.

2. Edit Layout

Make your perfect Email template. Edit layout, customize unsubscribe action, change from name and address, add images, send test, check spam score, and much more.

3. Triggers

Next, set one or more Triggers to determine when your Email will be sent.

For example, you can use the ‘Date Time Occurs’ Trigger if you want your email to go out at a certain time on a specific date.

If you want your Email to be sent every time a new lead signs up, you can select the ‘Time After Signup’ Trigger and set the numeric value to ‘0 Minutes’ or whatever time frame you desire.

The third available Trigger(s) is ‘Value Changed’. This Trigger can be used to send a Email based on changes in your lead data, or actions that your leads have taken.

4. Leads

Once you have selected your Trigger, you will select which List you want to send the Email to.

Pick a whole list or segment it to just leads who meet the criteria.

5. Review

That's it. Review the last 4 steps in one nice overview. If it all looks good click save and send.


Here you can see all the leads that have unsubscribed from your Newsletters. You can see which particular Email they received that prompted them to unsubscribe, which Campaign it was organized under, and which Newsletter they are now unsubscribed from.

In the case that someone accidently unsubscribes from one of your Newsletters but wants to start receiving your emails again, you can manually remove them from the Unsubscribes list.


We keep you inboxing better by placing you on Shared Pools of IPs, spreading your load across all IP's in the pool, and consistently making sure we only have healthy IP's in that pool.

Get started using TEAR SMTP

To start using your free sends there are 3 steps required:

1. Verify your email address
2. Add a payment method to your account
3. Fill out the SMTP application

Why do we require a payment method?

Adding a payment method (along with a gov ID) simply allows us to help us prevent fraud such as spam and stolen credit cards. *Your card will never be charged unless you personally chose to purchase an upgrade.

Full details on: How to Unlock Your TEARcloud Account

What is SMTP & Why do I need it?

SMTP is stands for "Simple Mail Transfer Protocol" and is used when an email, such as orders@yourdomain.com is delivered to your customers email. Most web services allow you to use your own SMTP for delivering your transactional or promotional emails. All websites rely on SMTP to get important information delivered to your clients inbox.

SMTP is commonly grouped into 2 categories:

1. Based on user needs: Promotional vs Transactional
2. Based on control: Shared vs Dedicated

Promotional vs Transactional

Promotional emails are usually marketing related.

Examples include:

☁ Weekly newsletters
☁ Welcome emails
☁ Product launch campaign

Transactional emails are usually account related.

Examples include:

☁ New account created
☁ Verify account
☁ Lost password
☁ Cart reminders
☁ Order processed
☁ invoice generated

Shared vs Dedicated

Everytime you send out an email other servers recognize you by your IP address. The better reputation your IP address has, the better you inbox. Shared plans send emails from an IP used by many users while Dedicated plans have their own IP. Having your own IP let's you build your reputation, which can result in higher inbox rates!

Ultimately using dedicated IPs allows you more control over all your SMTP reputation but comes at the cost of potentially more management time.

So why use our SMTP to deliver these emails?

The worst thing that can happen when someone places an order on your website or creates a new account is that their welcome email with important information ends up in their spam. With TEARsmtp you know your emails will end up in your customer's inbox. Your email complaints and bounces are always automatically cleaned and IP’s reputation is always being monitored to ensure you stay inboxing so you can focus on growing your business.

Learn about our super awesome rates!


Keep an eye on your sending with SMTP Reports. Here you can see how many of your emails were delivered, how many bounced and how many were marked as spam.

Go to you reports page


The SMTP Settings page contains your SMTP credentials. Here you will see your mailing IP, username, password and the open mailing ports you can use. Use these SMTP credentials to use our SMTP with any third party platform or with our Engager desktop mailing software.

This is also where you can add your 3rd party SMTP credentials for the Newsletter module.

One last awesome thing you can do on this page is manage your Dedicated IP's. You'll be able to get credentials for each IP or build Dedicated IP pools and get credentials for a whole custom Dedicated Pool.

Go to you settings page

Domain & Sender Whitelist

In order to send emails with TEARcloud you need to whitelist the email address from which you plan on sending emails from. You can whitelist an entire domain or just a single email address. If you need to email from many accounts from the same domain, it’s easier to whitelist the whole domain.

To whitelist a whole domain enter your domain name. It will then be added to the right column where you will get the SPF/DKIM records. Set these new records with your domain host and then click ‘Verify’ when ready.

To whitelist a sender, add the email you wish to whitelist and you will receive a confirmation email at that address. Click the link inside the email and that sender will now be whitelisted in your TEARcloud account.


As you send emails, you may notice your Suppression List growing. This is because we automatically remove leads that resulted in Bounces and Spam Complaints from your Newsletters and add them to your Suppression List. This ensures that you don’t attempt to email the bad leads again and hurt your sending IP reputation, so your good leads continue to reach the inbox.


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Seamless movement between campaigns
Just had an epic scraper campaign with loads of new leads? Transfer your newly acquired leads with ease. Either extract new leads into file or transfer them right into a campaign as normal or drip-feed pending leads and be marketing to them in no time!

Can Spam Compliant
Easy to add company details and address, opt-in / opt-out details, easy and instant opt-out settings , have full control and manage all types of suppression lists.

No-Stress Interface ©
No need to worry about a license or activation key. Simply make an account and use your web login PW and UN for the TEAR app.

TEAR users don't have time to waste.


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