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Securely store and manage unlimited leads that you will never lose access to. Build list and segment, to isolate the perfect leads for your marketing campaigns.

The time of endless text files with random leads in them is over. Add as many leads leads as you want with advanced segmentation.
The newsletter will work seamlessly with your Lead CRM lists.

How much will it cost?

Completely Free

Never have to worry about hitting a list size limit again. When using TEARcloud's Lead CRM all your leads have one purpose - To make you money :)

The Features You'll Love

Fields & Tags to create more realistic and personal newsletters.

[DayTimeGreeting] [FirstName], ...
Goodmorning Joe, ...

Being specific is good.

Thats why we let you target exactly the type of leads you want to send to via our advanced search segmentation.

Add sign-up forms to your website so you can capture leads from all fronts.

Our forms are simple and can use your sites CSS to quickly look good

Most importantly, they are your leads. Import and export as you see fit..