Welcome to TEARcloud.com - we are excited to invite you on our journey to build the email marketing platform based on user freedom. Although we are a farily young service and team we have been in the space for quite some time. TEARcloud is a trademark under Enzlo Inc which has had it's fingers in online projects since 2011.

2014 July 1

TotalEmailAutoResponder (TEAR) is created to meet the emailing needs of brother founders Alex and Heiko Winkler. Back then our focus was solely dedicated to our flagiship desktop software which is now called TEAR Engager.

2015 March 24

Engager version 2.0 was released (Massive UI overhall)

2015 Jun 9

Engager version 3.0 was released (Endless new features and scraper)

2015 Sept 14

Opening day of Bulgarian office

2016 July 1

TEAR SMTP launches (orginially at TEARsmtp.com) due to high demand

2016 Aug 1

TEARcloud.com opens it's doors - the platform that then combinded Engager and SMTP

2016 Sept 14

1 Year Anniversary for our Bulgarian office

2017 Jun 1

Alpha NL & CRM Released

2017 July 27

Beta NL & CRM Released

2017 Sept 28

New Shared IP Pools
Engager 4.0 Released
New website
Learn more..

2017 Nov 28

SMTP pricing dropped to $0.15 per k
Newsletter allows 3rd party SMTP


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