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How to Upgrade Your TEARcloud SMTP Plan

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 by Beata |  Posted on 3/3/2017 5:54:05 PM |   0 Comments | Tags : Snipp Bootstrap UI growth

With your initial TEARcloud account, you are allocated 10,000 free email sends per month. However, many of our users have found that they either soon outgrew those 10,000 sends, preferred to use a dedicated IP address, or simply wanted to remove the daily and hourly sending limits.   Upgrading your SMTP plan for whatever reason is a simple process - just follow the 3 steps below.   Step 1: Whitelist your sender address or domain First, you will whitelist either your sender email address (to verify a single sender) or your domain (to verify all senders from "@yourdomain").   In your TEARcloud dashboard, click on “SMTP” in the left hand column. Then in the drop-down menu, click on either “Domain Whitelist” or “Sender Whitelist” depending on your preference.   To whitelist a domain, select the "Domain Whitelist" option, enter your domain name and click “Add Whitelisted Domain”. Then click “Verify Domain” and follow the directions that pop-up. (Note: The "Custom domain authentication" option is recommended for more advanced marketers. You can find detailed directions here.)   To whitelist a sender, select the "Sender Whitelist" option, enter your sending address and click “Add Whitelisted Sender”. You will receive an email at that address with a link that you will need to click to complete verification.   You can find more specific directions for each default whitelisting option here. Step 2: Setup a new payment method Next, to fully unlock your account and be granted SMTP access, you will create a verified payment method (which you can use to purchase your plan upgrade in  Step 3). In your TEARcloud dashboard, click on your name, then select “Plans and Checkout” from the drop-down menu.   On the Checkout page, click on the blue “New Payment Method” button on the right and a form will pop-up. Fill out the form with your credit card information, upload a valid ID to verify the name and address associated with the credit card, and click on “Save Payment Method”.   This will open a new Support Ticket that notifies the Support Team of your submission and we'll review your information. The review only takes 1-2 business days, after which we'll either unlock your account or ask that you provide some additional info. In either case, you will be notified via the Support Ticket and also an automated email to the address you used to create your account.   Step 3: Choose and purchase your upgrade As your last step, you can go back to the Plans and Checkout page, select the SMTP plan of your choice, and checkout!    You can do this at anytime after you add a payment method, but you will not be able to actually use the SMTP until we review your payment info and unlock your account. If you purchase a plan but it turns out that we can't unlock your account for whatever reason (see some examples below), we will simply refund your purchase.     Reasons we have denied SMTP access in the past: Name and/or address on government ID did not match the name and/or address on the credit card The ID was not valid or it was clearly fake and/or Photoshopped The credit card provided failed a security check IP location did not closely match credit card address   If you are notified that we cannot unlock your account, don’t worry! We will reach out to you in the manner described above and let you know exactly why we cannot grant you full account access and what additional information we would need in order to do so (if applicable). We do this simply as a means of preventing fraud and deterring malicious use of our SMTP, which ensures better delivery and inbox rates for our trusted users.    

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