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How to Apply to Unlock TEAR SMTP

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 by Beata |  Posted on 10/9/2017 10:37:06 PM |   0 Comments | Tags : Snipp Bootstrap UI growth

With the TEARcloud Newsletter and Engager, you have the option to send your emails with your own third-party SMTP, or you can purchase an in-house TEAR SMTP plan. Read on to learn how to unlock TEAR SMTP for your account. (If you've already verified your account email address,  have a whitelisted sender or domain, and have a payment method on file, you can skip ahead and fill out the SMTP Access Application here).   We know how important SMTP with an above-average sending reputation is for our community, which can only result from adhering to best sending practices and prohibiting the sending of spam.   For that reason, we are quite protective of our SMTP and ask all new customers to complete a verification process in order to unlock their TEAR SMTP access. Just follow the 4 quick steps below!     Step 1: Verify your email address   When you signed up to TEARcloud, you should have received an email with a verification link that is unique to your account. Verify your email address by clicking on the verification link.   Doing so lets us know that you have access to your inbox, so any account-related correspondence we send to it will reach you.   If you aren’t sure if you’ve verified your email address, you can check by logging in to your TEARcloud account. Non-verified accounts will have a message at the top of the control panel asking you to complete verification, including a “resend verification email” link which will do just that when clicked.     Step 2: Whitelist a sender address or domain   You can either whitelist a sender address here, or whitelist your entire domain here.  Whitelisting a sender address or domain lets our server know that you are authorized to send emails on behalf of that email address, or any address “@“ your domain.   For more information on and help with whitelisting, checkout this article.      Step 3: Add a payment method to your account   Add a payment method to your account on the Plans and Checkout page by clicking on the blue "New Payment Method" button and filling out the form.   Please make sure to include a valid photo ID to help us prevent fraud and verify ownership of the credit card. We always review new payment methods by checking that your card passed our payment processor’s security checks, and that your ID matches the card name.   If any of the checks don’t pass, we’ll remove the card and notify you via a Support Ticket, so keep an eye on your Support inbox (accessible via the link in the top right corner of your control panel).      Step 4: Fill out an SMTP access application    As the final step of the process, please fill out an SMTP access application, found in the "TEAR SMTP" panel on the Plans and Checkout page.   The SMTP application is where the verification process comes full circle. Submitting the app auto-creates a Support Ticket which prompts a review of the information you’ve submitted throughout steps 1-3:   We’ll check that you have (1)verified your email address, (2)whitelisted a sender or domain, and (3)added a payment method to your account.     You’ll be notified of an approval or denial via that Support Ticket within 1-2 business days, so keep an eye on your Support inbox!       We realize that this is quite a rigorous application process, and we thank you for your patience and understanding. Delivering your emails to your customers’ inboxes through a reliable SMTP service is our top priority, and we wholeheartedly believe that this practice is the best way to do that.    

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