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A New TEARcloud is About to Surface

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 by Beata |  Posted on 9/18/2017 2:01:26 PM |   0 Comments | Tags : Snipp Bootstrap UI growth

We have listened!   Over the past few months, we have received such valuable feedback from our users that it has inspired us to make some very dramatic changes and improvements throughout the entire TEARcloud suite. Ranging from better IP rotation structure, to a smoother upgrade and checkout flow - all of these changes will go live in what will be the biggest update in TEARcloud history.   What's coming?   1. New Shared IP Pools Currently, when a user signs up to TEARcloud they are randomly assigned to a shared IP. This is not working for users because some IP’s are becoming exhausted while others are barely used. Also, users send all of their emails on 1 IP which can potentially ruin the reputation for everyone else that is assigned to it if enough users send bad emails.With shared IP pools, all emails that are sent with TEARcloud’s SMTP will automatically be evenly spread out amongst our IP pools. This will make it more difficult for any single IP’s reputation to be greatly affected, and will result in better inbox rates for our users. Spreading out the email sends evenly will allow our IP’s to stay more consistently “warmed up”, which will also positively impact deliverability for all users.   2. Engager 4.0  Right now we only offer two Engager Plans: Free and Unlimited. In an effort to provide our customers with more options at affordable prices, we are adding a third low-priced plan to our spread and allowing unlimited sends from all three plan tiers. This way, our users will not be subject to any of our past Engager sending limits. They will only be limited by their SMTP, and if they are using TEARcloud SMTP they will have 10,000 free sends per month, period. In addition to more flexible payment options, the Engager will also be much faster and offer more options for importing and sending leads to improve your campaigns. 3. New Homepage with Better Documentation Our homepage is ready for a makeover. The new design is sleek, modern and more intuitive. We have also added more resources and documentation to make learning and using TEARcloud a breeze. There is a detailed section for every module, complete with links to helpful blog posts and step-by-step tutorials.   The TEARcloud update will also include many other much needed improvements, like: ✓ Smoother checkout and payment process for paid plans ✓ Improved site speed ✓ Updates to the Newsletter Email Wizard ✓ Added features to the Lead CRM   When will it be here?  The estimated date for our big update is Sept 28th, but it is flexible to change in both directions. Because this is the biggest update in TEARcloud history, we want to make sure everything is fine-tuned and working flawlessly for our users. We would rather take a little extra time to present a better quality product than to risk making mistakes because of a tight deadline. We hope you understand and that you are looking forward to the improvements ahead as much as we are!      

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