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Account Reputation and Dealing with a Suspended Account

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 by Beata |  Posted on 8/1/2017 11:55:53 PM |   0 Comments | Tags : Snipp Bootstrap UI growth

As a TEARcloud user, keeping a good account reputation is required for you to be able to send emails with our SMTP and software. First and foremost it lets us know that you are following emailing best practices and adhering to CAN-SPAM laws. It also protects our other TEAR users by ensuring that their shared IP reputations remain in good standing which positively affects their email deliverability.    Your account reputation can range from 0% to 100%. If your reputation is at 100%, that is perfect! It means that none of your sent emails bounced and you haven't received any spam complaints.   Your account reputation is inversely related to your bounce and spam complaint rates. We use both calculations in our proprietary algorithm to determine your exact account reputation percentage. If your email bounces and spam complaints increase, your account reputation will start to decrease.    If your account reputation drops below 0%, you will be temporarily suspended until you can demonstrate that you are in fact sending quality emails and not using our software for spamming or phishing.   Upon suspension, you'll automatically receive a Support Ticket from our system asking two questions: "How do you acquire your leads?" and "What are you sending your leads?". The more details that you can provide, the better your chances are of getting unsuspended.   In a perfect world, none of our customers would ever send spam and no one would ever get suspended. Unfortunately, there are just some people out there who abuse our software, and designating bounce and spam complaint limits is the best way that we can protect our other users from suffering the consequences.   When our users send spam, it affects not only their account reputation, but also the reputation of the IP that they're using to send those messages.   Keep in mind, most TEARcloud users are on a shared IP. So, if just one person uses our software to send spam, it negatively affects the reputation of that shared IP which in turn affects the deliverability and inbox rates of ALL the other TEARcloud users sharing that IP.    For this reason, our IP's are always rotating and we do our very best to immediately suspend users who we suspect are using their accounts to send spam. However, we do understand that sometimes potential leads may provide fake email addresses just to get that free quick guide, or a disgruntled customer may hit the "Report as Spam" button because of a misunderstanding - both of which will cause bounce and spam rates to go up, respectively.    That's why we give all of our suspended users a chance to explain their situation and provide information which shows us that they are actually trustworthy email marketers.   So if you ever get suspended even though you're using email marketing best practices, don't worry. Just reply to the Support Ticket explaining your situation, we'll most likely reply with an "Ahh, yes, we've been there...", and we will gladly unsuspend your account.     

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