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The Lead CRM and Newsletter Relationship

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 by Beata |  Posted on 7/27/2017 11:44:54 PM |   0 Comments | Tags : Snipp Bootstrap UI growth

Lead CRM and Newsletter as Separate Modules We wanted to give our users maximum freedom within our application, but also to protect their subscribers from receiving emails they don’t want. To solve for this, we designed TEARcloud as separate pieces that work together. Thus, the Lead CRM and Newsletter are two separate modules, one strictly for storing leads, the other for facilitating the communication with those leads.     Lists and Newsletters All leads get placed on lists in the Lead CRM whether you import them or they sign up with a form; they are never actually added to the newsletters. However, newsletters are what your leads will be able to unsubscribe from because that’s the tool you use to communicate with them. In other words, leads get placed on a list which you can send a newsletter to, and your subscribers can unsubscribe from that particular newsletter, but they will remain on your list for lead management purposes and so they can continue to receive any other newsletters they may have signed up for.   Here’s how it works: Let’s say your website offers two newsletters through the same sign up form using a checkbox for your “Blue” Newsletter and a checkbox for your “Red” Newsletter. All leads that submit the form will be added to the same list, which we’ll call “Main List”.   This “Main List” ultimately contains 3 sets of subscribers - “Blue” subscribers only, “Red” only, and those that ticked both checkboxes - which you can segment using the Advanced Filter. So when you prepare a newsletter for sending, you’ll select which segment of your “Main List” you want to send to. Now let’s say a subscriber that signed up for both newsletters decides they only really like the “Red” Newsletter, so they unsubscribe from “Blue”. Because they only unsubscribed from one newsletter and not the whole list, they will still be able to receive their “Red” Newsletter like they wanted.   Campaigns Campaigns are organizational sub-folders for newsletters. Each campaign can only belong to one newsletter, but one newsletter can have many campaigns. For example, you may have a “Tech Products” Newsletter for which you’ll be running multiple marketing campaigns throughout the year. Creating different campaigns within your newsletter enables you to track and organize those unique marketing efforts.   Some users organize their campaigns by month or season; you can use whatever method works best for you and your team.    Emails Each email you create and send will belong to a campaign and its parent newsletter. Similar to the newsletter-campaign relationship, each email can only belong to one campaign/newsletter combo, but one campaign can store many emails.  If a lead clicks the “Unsubscribe” button in an email, it will be unsubscribed from the email’s parent newsletter, and the unsubscribe will be attributed to the email and campaign it came from. For help with creating and sending your first email with TEARcloud, follow the directions in this blog post.      

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