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How to Send Emails with TEARcloud

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 by Beata |  Posted on 7/24/2017 10:55:44 PM |   0 Comments | Tags : Snipp Bootstrap UI growth

With a free TEARcloud account, you can send as many emails as you want using the Newsletter and Lead CRM modules. This article explains how to create and send your first email.   3 quick things you’ll need to complete before sending an email with TEAR: Verify your account email address Configure SMTP within your account (either TEAR SMTP or a third-party provider) Create a list in the Lead CRM     Creating Your Email   Step 1: Create a Newsletter and Campaign As you may already know, each email you create will belong to a campaign, which belongs to a newsletter. You can learn more about the relationship between newsletters, campaigns and emails, as well as how they are connected to the Lead CRM here.  You can create newsletters and campaigns on their individual pages (accessible by the left navigation panel in your TEARcloud Dashboard under the “Newsletter” tab) by clicking on the green “Create Newsletter” and “Create Campaign” buttons, respectively. However, for this tutorial we’ll use a little shortcut: Click on “Emails” under the “Newsletter” tab in the left hand nav. On the Emails Page, click the green “Create Email” button. An email creation form will pop-up which asks you to select the newsletter and campaign that your email will belong to using drop-downs. If this is your first email you will only see a “Newsletter” drop-down which will be empty, so click on the green “+” button to create a new newsletter. Then a “Campaign” drop-down will appear which will be empty as well; follow the same “+” button method to create a new campaign. Then, click on the green “Create” button in the bottom left corner of the form.    Step 2: Use the Email Wizard to Create Your Email Clicking the “Create” button in the previous step will take you to the first step of the Email Wizard where you can select the layout or template you would like to use. Hover over the preview image of the desired template and click on “USE”.   Step 3: Edit Your Email Template Now you are in the second step of the Wizard where you can edit your template. Here you will hammer out the details of your email, like choosing an Email Name, Sender Address, Subject Line, etc. You can also edit your layout and create your email content. Note: All emails sent using a free TEARcloud account will automatically include TEARcloud branding in the email footer. You can remove this branding by upgrading your Newsletter for only $15.00 a month on the Plans and Checkout page.   When you are finished editing your email template, click the blue “Next” button to continue. This will save all of your work up to this point for this particular email. You can also “Save as Template” if you want to save your work to use as a template for future sends (it will be stored in the “Saved” tab of the Email Wizard Step 1).   Sending Your Email Step 1: Select Your Send Trigger On Step 3 of the Wizard you will designate which trigger(s) will prompt your email to send. If you want your email to go out in an ‘x’ amount of time after a lead is added to the CRM, use the “Time After Sign Up” trigger. Or, use the “Date Time Occurs” trigger if you want it to send on a certain date and time.   You can even set your email to go out based on changes to a certain field in your lead profiles using the “Value Changed” trigger. For this example, we’ll use the “Time After Sign Up” trigger, and set the “Minute” value to 0 so our email will send immediately to the leads that are currently on our list, as well as any new leads upon sign up. Click the blue “Next” button to move on. Again, this will save all of your work up until this point.   Step 2: Select Your Send List Now on Step 4 of the Email Wizard, select the list that your email will be sent to. You can also apply any filters that you created if you want to segment your list.   Then, click the blue “Next” button again.  Don’t worry, doing so will not send your email just yet. You will still have the opportunity to review your email, and then decide if it’s ready for sending.    Step 3: Review and Send Your Email Finally in the review step, review all of your selections from Steps 1-4 of the Email Wizard. Everything you have done up to this point has been saved, so you can either “Exit” if you are not ready to send your email, or click on the blue “Run & Exit” button to activate your email triggers! Once you click “Run & Exit”, your email will be “running”, but it will only actually be sent once the trigger that you selected in Step 3 occurs - whether it's the passge of "x minutes", the occurrence of a certain date and time, or once the field data of any of your leads matches your specification. Upon exit, you will be taken back to your Emails Page. If you ever want to stop the email from running, just click on the blue “Stop” button. If an email is stopped, you can make it start running by clicking on the "Start" button.      

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